Nine Square Diagram Boxing is the most unique martial art you will ever experience.

It is the last martial arts you will ever need to study. No more mysticism. No more politics. No trying to figure out what it all means.

The usable parts of virtually ALL martial arts have been put together in a logical and easy to remember method

The workability of Karate. Built to be used on the street, in the ring, or wherever. Not trapped by routine, not built of endless techniques that bear no resistance to combat. This is an art that WORKS. It truly is the last art you will ever need to study.

The state of mind of Tai Chi Chuan. Designed in simple fashion you will almost instantly enter into a meditative frame of mind that connects you to the world, even as it brings a deep sense of inner peace.

The modular aspect of Pa Kua Chang. Only nine techniques, but the mixing of those techniques builds an art far more extensive, and yet deeper, than ANY other martial art in existence.

Workable grab arts. Discovered through scientific assessment, they do not rely on the partner ‘going with you.’ They are combat friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn and apply.

No more endless forms. Instead of wandering through endless moves that have no logical construction, you will learn nine techniques, and the entire spectrum of the martial arts will open to you.

Karate, Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Kung Fu, Aikido…art after art you will find within this ultimate collection of moves. The martial arts will open, and you will find that you know and understand every art, because the simplicity of Nine Square Diagram Boxing encompasses every other art.

This truly is a work of martial genius. Please begin the journey through the simple fact of reading a short series of articles. You may order any time by clicking on the box to the right.

Nine Square Diagram Boxing is the martial brainstorm of Al Case. Over 50 years in the martial arts. An impeccable devotion to work out, a sterling scrutiny of logic, and in depth analysis of the deepest spiritual values of the Martial Arts. Al offers Nine Square Diagram Boxing as the ultimate, and final, martial art you will ever study.