Karate, when done properly, is one of the most workable martial arts ever created.

Unfortunately, most people do it wrong.

It has been ‘dumbed down’ for kids, or altered for ‘point fighting’ and tournaments, or otherwise slanted for politics or religion or vested interest or some other reason.

There are many reasons for this degradation of art, and one of the main reasons can be traced to the early 20th century. A group of Okinawa ‘Masters’ decided that one should never teach the true kata, and if they did, they should never reveal the true techniques. This has been revealed in a book by…

Fortunately, Al Case studied a brand of Karate which went outside the parameters established by these so-called ‘masters.’ He received the true martial art, in all its workability. This brand of karate is utilized in Nine Square Diagram Boxing.

Simply, the Nine Square Diagram Boxing techniques work. You need to work to make them work, you aren’t going to get there by watching TV and eating potato chips, but once you commit yourself to Nine Square Diagram Boxing, you will find the true heritage of one of the most dynamic martial arts ever formed.