Pa Kua Chang

Pa Kua Chang is one of the most powerful martial arts in existence. It was designed in simple modular fashion, and this enabled practitioners to ‘drill’ the art, without getting bored, until the art worked.

Around and around one goes, the legs becoming steel pillars of amazing flexibility. The hands twine and spiral and become able to absorb ANY attack. Yet there are problems with the art.

First, is that not many people are talented enough to make this art work in combat. When it does work, it is amazing, but only the very talented few can make it work, and these few usually need to have studied other martial arts prior to their immersement in Pa Kua.

So, how do you keep the amazing properties of Pa Kua Chang, and yet make it easy and simple to learn, and in a fashion that works? Simple. You merely change the footwork so it is more direct, and yet keeps the deep tissue drilling. And you change the hands so they still circle and twine, but make them into techniques that WORK.

This is what Nine Square Diagram Boxing has done. When one does Nine Square Diagram Boxing one follows a specific set of footwork that is designed for combat…in all directions. One goes through the nine forms ENDLESSLY.

Nine Square Diagram Boxing is not trapped by a specific philosophy, or a geometry that describes a philosophy. Instead, one sees the differences between arts, and is able to shift easily and smoothly from concept to concept, and sink deeper and deeper into the truth of the martial arts.