9 Square course

There are two sections to Nine Square Diagram Boxing.

First is the hard style. The tiger, or ‘force,’ or ‘yang style’ portion. This includes nine ‘hard style’ techniques. It is important that one do this section first, as if one doesn’t know the truth of a hard fist, one will not be able to defend against it.

The softer side of the martial arts, arts such as Tai Chi, Aikido, Pa Kua, and so on, are phenomenal martial arts, but they don’t work as well if the student doesn’t understand, first, what a hard fist it.

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Here is the first section, the hard side of Nine Square Diagram Boxing.

Second is the softer style. The dragon, or ‘flow,’ or ‘yin style’ portion. This includes nine ‘soft style’ techniques. Once you understand the hard style it will be ten times easier to understand such things as ‘flowing throws,’ chi power, and so on.

Once you understand how the hard style of the martial arts work it is easy to understand the soft style.

Learning hard first, then soft, will give you workability, and will introduce you to the more ‘mystical’ side of the martial arts. Though, I have to say, once you understand the physics here there won’t be any ‘mysticism.’

Here is the second section, the soft side of Nine Square Diagram Boxing.

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